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The Choice; Dr. Edith Eger

Many times I have heard Edith Eger’s The Choice being pigeonholed as a memoir.  The Choice is more than an memoir by a Holocaust survivor ; it is an eloquent exploration of how people do not realise how they can take control of powerful feelings through the choices they make.

To demonstrate the progression of her struggles and slow climb to a live free from the prison Psychologist Edith Eger uses her own experience of the Holocaust with case studies from her work as a psychologist. Her patients and their stories illustrate different phases of healing and show how people can choose to escape the prisons they construct in their minds and find freedom, regardless of circumstance.

When someone chooses to harm us, our sense of self can later be overwhelmed by the memory of that pain. But Eger, who has helped countless trauma patients, believes that we can regain our autonomy by choosing to confront the past—a lesson she learned from her own experience.

Eger’s story is an inspiration for everyone. And her message is powerful and important: “Your pain matters and is worth healing: you can choose to be joyful and free.”



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