Maya Ford Pritchard poem “Freedom”



Maya  Ford-Pritchard



There I was stuck in bed

with a million thoughts flying

through my head.


It wasn’t that bad, I got to rest

hospital may become the best.


Days went by I was still there

But then I was greeted by a teddy bear!


Big and cuddly, present from school,

Multi-coloured very furry and really cool.


Then one day we moved beds opposite to

us new heads,

closer to the door now,

was that the reason I could almost smell freedom?


Brother next to me in his bed,

I was thinking of how we could have been dead.


Like a hair stuck to a head

he was always looking at a screen,

my brother even played games

when it was Halloween!


I stayed in the same place for

a while and had lots of new clothes in a pile,

My dad said I didn’t have to stay

but I said “it’s fun here” and then said yay