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Jeannie Mehta

“I loved this book, it was a great page turner. An evocative read, I felt immersed in the characters of Pravin and Amy and their story. I am keen to know how their futures pan out, looking forward to the second novel!” Alex Parker,  September 17.

“This is a well written book which portrays the story a young couple at university,and is not unlike, I am sure of many relationships between asian/white Scottish/british couples.set in the 1960’s .I related to the difficulties faced by families on both sides,at a time when such relationships were forbidden but not necesarily unknown about. Jeannie Mehta’s description of events and feelings is captured well, with the historical backdrop of Uganda at the time, but also the subcontinent. There is romance and competition. Love conquers all. There is a cliff hanger at the end, so I look forward to Jeannie’s second book to see what happens. Isn’t there always a cliff hanger before things really change? Jeannie has done justice to her first book,to describe the feelings of generations before and how this plays out in the future of families. The book confirms that love is a very human condition,and it does not matter whom you fall in love with,if this is important to you then you will move mountains. Its not without heartache but has the qualities of dignity and strength”.  Simran,  July 17.

Chris Boult

“This sequel was just as good as the first, read it in a couple of days as a real pager turner, Chris tells a good story but more he brings his knowledge to the book, providing the reader with factual information which benefits the fiction.
Another triumph, looking forward now to his next book….. “Sue Simmons, (Out of the Shadow).  July 14

“Excellent third book from Chris Boult. Well written and particularly gripping, seeing things from the victims side of a crime. Can’t wait for the next one”. T.Pyatt,  (Identity). Feb 16

Mel Woodend

“A Must Read: A beautiful book of poems by a very talented lady. These poems are uplifting and make you feel good. Well done I would recommend this book of well written poems”. “South”,  (A Poet’s Poems). May 15

“Simple Insights and Joyful Memories: A personal and individualistic collection. Some poems are delightful in their simplicity and clarity. These poems will be enjoyed by people who like life’s richness being captured through everyday details”. Christopher J.W.Hawthorne,  (A Poet’s Poems). May 15

Jason Morgan

“I would say it’s a very rare combination of biological science, poetry and art, simply and beautifully presented that brings to life for young children one of nature’s most fascinating life-cycles.”  Professor Rick Battarbee FRS of the Environmental Change Research Centre at University College London.

“Delightful and Insightful: An interesting insight into a not so well liked creature . Superb storytelling and beautiful colour pages . Interesting and informative . Highly recommended and I look forward to seeing more titles from this new author !”  Mr. B,  Mar 16

“Fantastic Book.  I didn’t know anything about…:Fantastic book, I didn’t know how anything about the journey an eel takes to get to its destination. The drawings and illustrations are fabulous, nothing like you usually see in children’s books. Lovely colours and details, helping explain the story as it progresses. What breath of fresh air”, Mar 16


Dale Parnell

The Green Cathedral is not available to buy on Amazon.  But people have been saying:

“Had to read Rain in one go.  Brilliant.”

“This is a must read…A brilliant piece of work…I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

And my favourite review is: “Some self-published books can be a load of old tripe, but this one isn’t.”  You have to love a straight talking person!

Stanley Gibbons

“Memories of school days under the clouds of war: Evocative memories of school days and life in village in the Midlands during the 2nd world war. This book tells the tale of what it was like to grow up in a small village in the middle of England with the war dominating every aspect of life. A must read for anyone interested in social history”.  Cello by the Lake,  Nov 17

“Fascinating Social History: This book really brings to alive (sic) what life was like for ordinary civilians during World War Two. It’s a fascinating read”.  I Like Reviewing Books Sometimes,   Dec 17


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